As a photojournalist, I point my camera at stories and subjects that are seldom documented in order to preserve ideas and moments that would otherwise go unrecognized. Inspired by the #FrontStepsProject, my goal is to create a record of history that will be important for people to look back on in the future. The CDC's recommendation of social distancing and isolation has catapulted us into an unprecedented period of uncertainty. This shift in daily life allowed me to recognize the value of documenting what the American public has accepted as the new normal. Not only do I want to preserve this unique moment in time when people were ordered to stay at their homes for the greater good, but I also want to share the gift of creating a moment of joy. Please join us in a community-based solution by stepping out on your front steps to create a small but significant memento that captures when you fulfilled your duty as a citizen to stop the spread of an infectious virus. To help further sustain our communities during this crisis, please donate to one of the following organizations: Quinn Center, Chicago Mask Makers, or Housing Forward. Links to these organizations can be found below.
The Plan
1. Schedule a session by filling out the form below.
2. Make a donation of $25-50 to an organization of your choice in order to strengthen our communities.
3. Step outside at your scheduled time. I will text when I arrive and maintain as much distance as possible at all times following CDC guidelines of social distancing. Please be sure that no pets or children come within 12 feet of the photographer.
4. Feel free to use props and wear whatever you want. This doesn’t need to be a formal photo. 
5. The photograph must be made on your front steps or in front of your front door.
6. Your photographs will be emailed to you as soon as possible.
7. Share the image on social media with the hashtag #OakParkCares.
8. Keep supporting your community leaders to organize solutions for the problems ahead.
Please make an honorable donation to the following organizations:
Quinn Center
"The Quinn Center focuses its mission in three areas: justice, health and peace. The health pillar, including work on nutritional food access and health education, has strong and sustainable programs and partners." $25 provides a family with food for a week. 
Chicago Mask Makers*
"The purpose of our organization is to create a stopgap measure to address the current shortage of masks faced by healthcare professionals on the front lines of the medical community’s COVID-19 pandemic response."
*Chicago Mask Makers are receiving donations through PayPal at the account: chicagomaskmakers@gmail.com
Housing Forward
"Housing Forward's mission is to transition people from housing crisis to housing stability. Our comprehensive solution encompasses housing, supportive services, employment, emergency assistance, PADS shelter and street outreach programs."
Thank you!
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