Tides of Change
Director of Photography, Cinematographer
As the climate changes, many early signs will appear on the ocean shores. This 12 minute film takes us to Olympic National Park's wild coast and follows marine ecologist Dr. Steve Fradkin as he studies the changing rocky intertidal zone. 
Best Environmental Documentary 2015 Canada International Film Festival
Keepers of the Beat
Director of Photography, Cinematographer​​​​​​​
Strung out like pearls on the backs of the mountains, the 700-plus glaciers in the North Cascades add greatly to the quality of lives by providing challenge and inspiration, as well as consistent runoff for salmon, irrigation, and hydroelectricity. In this video, join Dr. Jon Riedel and other glaciologists as they take the pulse of Pacific Northwest glaciers, and learn about the science and motivation behind their work.

Chicago Mass Choir - "Take Me Back"
Director, Editor, Cinematographer
Music video by Chicago Mass Choir performing Take Me Back.​​​​​​​
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